By Andy Checo, Edelman Multicultural

Latino bloggers or “blogeros” are an insightful and trustworthy source of information and just like Latina “blogeras,” have a great influence on their audience. Unfortunately, unlike “blogeras” they are a bit harder to find and a good amount of research is require is you are not familiar with the blogging community.

Below is my recommendation for some of those you should get to know as a Hispanic PR professional.

  1. @PapiBlogger (Manny Ruiz) of – offers creative parenting tips for fathers and mothers (bilingual)
  2. @BrianSolis of – provide with insight in new media; one of the world’s leading business and marketing online resources (English)
  3. @FrankLogic (Frankie De Soto) of – about modern Hispanic marketing and culture (English)
  4. @LouisPagan of – industry thought leader on Latinos in social media (English)
  5. @PhilVelez of – maintains several blogs with topics ranging on business, social media, Latino culture and politics. (English)
  6. @TuTecnologia (Ariel Coro) of – about everything technology related, gadgets, trends and services (Spanish)
  7. @DosLives (Jon Byington) of – about Latino topics of interest, including current events, entertainment, food and health (English)
  8. @JesseLuna of – about advance topics in social media (English)
  9. @HispanicTips (Tomás Custer) of – gathers and archives Hispanic related online news (English)
  10. @LanceRios of – blog covers various issues of interest to Latinos; the Facebook network is a communication platform designed to educate and connect (English)

As with my “10 Latina Bloggers to Follow on Twitter” post, these ten bloggers were chosen after some research and due to me being exposed to their content on Twitter. If you have your own recommendation, please feel free to share them with those who visit this blog by including them in the comment section.