Leading online portal for U.S. Hispanics and Ford Motor Company seek to

Widen platform for influential Latina voices

 “The Bloguera Spotlight Initiative” Focuses on Blogueras Who Are Active on Social Networks

In partnership with Ford Motor Company, AOL Latino is launching a new Bloguera Spotlight initiative. It will be featured on Tu Voz en Tu Vida (www.tuvozentuvida.com), an online lifestyle destination created by Latinas for Latinas. Enlisting members of its community in the search, AOL Latino will identify top Latina bloggers who are active social media influencers and provide them a broader reach. Tu Voz en Tu Vida will widen the platform for Latinas who shape opinion on topics including finance, career, education, health and autos.

“We want to expose the great work of Latina bloggers to as wide an audience as possible while shedding a powerful spotlight light on issues of concern to them,” said Miguel Ferrer, Managing Editor at AOL Latino. “The Bloguera Spotlight initiative is focused on amplifying the voices of socially active bloggers in order to start conversations that are important to the community – one we are not only seeking to engage but empower.”

AOL Latino users will be invited to nominate their favorite blogueras on Tu Voz en Tu Vida and other web channels. Selected bloggers will be highlighted with a specially designed badge and will also get exposure on other AOL Latino Web channels.

The initiative was inspired in part by studies that showed that while Latinas were especially active on social networks, they are frustrated by the lack of content on social networks that speaks to their interests. An Adweek study in 2010 found that Latinas as a whole (US and Latin America) represent 85 percent of social network users.  A 2010 study by research firm Sophia Mind reported that 38 percent of US Hispanic women feel social networks lack original content addressing their unique interests.

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