The robust cultural landscape of the U.S. is rapidly changing, and brands are looking to transform along with it. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle PR agency Tractenberg & Co. has announced a new multicultural division to respond to these ever-evolving client needs through strategic and culturally-relevant programs that resonate with a global audience. Tractenberg & Co’s new multicultural PR agency is spearheaded by experienced publicist and marketing executive, Julie Mendez, who provides keen insight and expertise in engaging a diverse audience for both established and up-and-coming brands.

“The new multicultural consumers are beauty enthusiasts and digitally savvy early adopters—two reasons why brands looking for growth need to communicate and connect with them in a meaningful manner,” says Senior Director Julie Mendez. “My own cultural insights, knowledge, and passion for this community allow me to build deeper relationships on behalf of my clients.”

The agency’s new division works closely with Tractenberg & Co. account teams and clients to communicate in-language with multicultural media. The team provides guidance for strategic partnerships, PR campaigns, events and more that effectively speak to the millions of Americans with varying cultural nuances. Their work reaches specific audiences where they are already highly active, whether it’s through dedicated campaigns or social media outlets. Specialized knowledge and relationships in the media landscape, from Hispanic entertainment outlets to African American publications and growing websites, allow the team to precisely target outreach.

“Julie and her team are integral for tailoring messages to speak to a wider, more diverse consumer base in an authentic and relevant way,” says Jacquie Tractenberg, President and Founder of Tractenberg & Co. “They find ways to connect beyond differences in language, ethnicity, and lifestyle, letting brands engage thoughtfully with various audiences.”

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