There is no “post-racial” America or “colorblind” America – not yet.

By Dr. Gail Christopher

WASHINGTON, DC—Tears of joy were shed the night that America elected its first African American president. It was fresh evidence the historic civil rights struggles of the 50s and 60s had been worth the fight; that blood had not been spilled in vain. And across the nation, the words “President-elect Barack Obama” uplifted young and old, urban and rural, well-off and poor.
But the next day the invisible barriers created by structural racism still haunted our society: Latino workers tended crops for low wages in California, Native Americans awoke jobless on reservations and African American mothers-to-be worried about losing their babies. The election was an historic moment, an unprecedented one in fact, but it didn’t suddenly end racism in America. There is no “post-racial” America or “colorblind” America – not yet.

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