This past weekend, in Santa Maria – a small city with an interesting story on the central coast of California – I was reminded of the big opportunity that most marketers are missing, and what Latinos can do to educate them.

The scene was a conference called #Cause 2012 (I was co-producer), and the topic was bridging two worlds that don’t meet frequently enough – the world of social media, and the world of community organizing. At Allan Hancock – one of California’s leading community colleges – 70-plus leaders in the activist, non-profit, and small-business communities gathered with social media folks to learn from one another. The ties that bind were many – I’d guess that close to 90 percent of attendees were of Hispanic descent. And some had experience in both community organizing and technology. But the most important common point of reference was something we took time to explore, on the main stage and in breakout sessions. Both organizers and social media pros know something about this thing we call social.

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