The 2015 Biennial Alumni Tracking Survey conducted by The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) found that success rates among their past scholarship recipients was at an all time high with 88 percent reporting that they were currently working in a communications related field.

The survey, which is conducted every two years, measures the success of the Foundation’s mission by obtaining information on the advancement of each recipient and the manner in which TLF has impacted their progress. “The survey allows TLF to measure their implemented tactics and see how effective they were in fulfilling its mission of increasing the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations,” said Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University; TLF Board Member and Chair of the Alumni Committee, Raul Reis, Ph.D.

Conducted July through August 2015, the online survey collected responses from a total of 204 alumni, the majority of African American and Hispanic backgrounds.


Key Findings:


• According to the survey, recent scholarship recipients have achieved full-time employment status with 68.7 percent reporting that they are currently working full-time in a communications position.

• Of those working full-time, 42.4 percent of the alumni are employed at a

• In addition, 73.5 percent of alumni credit TLF with helping them network with professionals in the communications field and 65.1 percent report TLF helped them with their professional development.


“Receiving the TLF scholarship has by far been one of the most defining moments in my college career. I’m so grateful for the opportunity because it solidified my passion for working in the communications industry,” said Shenneth Dove-Morse, account executive at PCI Communications.

“TLF has truly helped me not only pay for my schooling, but has given me multiple resources, skills, and experiences that I would have never received if it were not for the scholarship,” said Jessica Sung, program management intern at Cumming, Inc.

Starbucks, one of TLF’s major donors and advocates, provided two limited edition jewelry grade sterling silver Starbucks gift cards as incentives for alumni to participate in the survey. Those who opted in to take the survey were automatically entered in a drawing to win the first precious metal Starbucks cards the company has ever offered.

2010, 2011 and 2012 TLF Alumnus Priscilla Martinez from Los Angeles and 2011 TLF Alumnus Jason Nichols from New York were announced as the 2015 Starbucks Gift Card winners during the drawing. Both cards were pre-loaded with $50 and were valued at $200 each.

In total, TLF has hosted more than 130 career and professional development workshops nationwide and has helped launch careers for ethnic minority students, securing more than 200 internships and entry-level jobs.

“I like that TLF has really kept in constant communication with us alumni and I have enjoyed seeing the weekly agency and in-house internship/job listings,” said Diana Pinedo, account coordinator at VPE Public Relations. “That has really kept me motivated when I feel like I don’t have options in making my next career move. I know I can always count on TLF to keep me informed.”


A full copy of the survey report is available to interested individuals and organizations upon request.


For more information on the upcoming 2016 scholarship application and reception, please visit or follow them on social media at, and

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