NEW BOOK: The Immigrants Who Built America

A true story of how the author’s father left his native land, endured struggles and sacrifices, and reached his dream of finding a home in America

The Immigrants Who Built America tell their story through the life of one man, Ramon Santiso de la Quiroga, who left everything behind in his Spanish homeland to seek adventure in the United States. Author Raymond Santiso gives voice to his father as he shares this story to all readers.

Leaving his parents, siblings, and even his fiancee, Ramon braved the long sea voyage between Europe and the New World. Friendless, jobless, and unable to speak the language, he chased his vision of prosperity … and the coveted American dream. Join him in this not-so-easy journey from Ellis Island to New York and from Cuba to Philadelphia, through Prohibition, the Crash of 1929, and the Great Depression. He soldiered on through the soup lines, discrimination, and endless hard work to take his place on America’s construction sites, ships, and factories – struggling to survive. Read More »