As the United States and Mexico each hold Presidential elections this year, immigration remains a pivotal topic in both countries.  A new feature length documentary film, THE FORGOTTEN CLASS, from filmmaker Christian Rodriguez, prepares to explore in depth the topic of immigration.

With original footage that dates back to May Day 2006, THE FORGOTTEN CLASS promises to be one of the most comprehensive investigative documentaries about immigration policy.  The film, which looks at the issue from both sides of the border, is now entering its final stages of production.

In order to finance completion of this important film, Rodriguez will be launching a fund raising campaign through Indiegogo in early June 2012.  Indiegogo’s unique approach is similar to a PBS fund drive.  The public can donate whatever amount they’d like and in return receive incentives.  In the case of THE FORGOTTEN CLASS, these range from DVD’s of the completed film to tours of the shooting locations along the border with personalities featured in the film.  In order to gain any of the funds requested in this campaign, Indiegogo requires that at least the entire requested amount of $25,000 be donated by the deadline or a larger percentage of the funds will be taken by Indiegogo, instead of going into the production.

The struggle for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the Civil Rights issue of the 21st century. At a time of increasing debate about immigration from Mexico, THE FORGOTTEN CLASS explores the roots of the issue, its current state, and where it is headed. This documentary chronicles what is happening during this transitional period in our history. By adding archival footage, congressional testimonies, newsreels, and conversations with immigration policy experts, THE FORGOTTEN CLASS explores the reality of being an immigrant in a new land when the act of being an immigrant itself is at the center of a contentious national debate.  This is a documentary about the struggle of trying to be an American in the 21st century.

“I am producing this documentary for many reasons,” says Rodriguez.  “The most compelling of them is that I believe the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. However, the treatment of the undocumented immigrant community at this point in our history is not what I consider to be an example of greatness. Information is being manipulated to push political agendas. I understand that I, alone, am unable to change certain things, but THE FORGOTTEN CLASS can make a difference, standing as a document of how things are and how they can be changed for the better. ”

To participate in the Indiegogo campaign for THE FORGOTTEN CLASS, visit:

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