Consolidar Network has launched a new website that connects Latino and Hispanic Job Seekers with Washington businesses looking to hire new employees.

The mission of the Consolidar Network is to partner with businesses and organizations to enable the American Dream for Latino communities across Washington State by fostering a culture of success that leads to better jobs, more education and healthy lifestyles. Consolidar is providing job-ready training to job seekers and enlisting the power of employers to conveniently fill their workforce needs from the fastest growing labor pool in the country.

Consolidar’s jobs network connects individual career development plans with “5 Star” rated employers looking to hire. In addition to jobs, Consolidar Network serves the needs of both employees and employers by providing access to partner services along with enabling businesses to post their open positions on the Consolidar Network’s website at

While the focus is on Latinos, access to the jobs network and partner services is available to anyone. The Consolidar ecosystem is a win-win for everyone that improves the strength and vibrancy of our communities. The Consolidar Network has jobs throughout all major cities in Washington State. The Consolidar Network has partnered with the Washington Restaurant Association (WRA), Washington Lodging Association (WLA), Building Industry of Washington (BIAW), SeaMar Community Health Centers and other business partners to assist and market open jobs from the partner business members.

The Consolidar Network was founded by Mike Sotelo, a leader and advocate for the Latino and Hispanic communities in Washington State. For more information or to partner with the Consolidar Network contact Sandra Miller, Chief Operating Officer at 360-259-7231 or visit

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