More Americans Are Budgeting

More Americans Are Budgeting, According to Annual Poll

If you only create a household budget because you’re worried about debt, what happens when the worst is behind you, will you stop budgeting?” Don Silvestri, President of wonders. “If that happens, you’ll stop budgeting, get back in financial trouble, then start budgeting again. Budgeting should be reventative medicine, not emergency surgery.

Other survey findings:

  • 50% of respondents report living paycheck to paycheck
  • 39% say they budget to increase their wealth
  • 23% say they budget to help debt with their debt
  • 16% say they budget to manage rising prices and inflation
  • 15% say they budget to meet retirement goals
  • 6% say they budget because of a divorce or loss of a spouse
  • Out of those who say they don’t budget, the most common reason cited (25%) said it was too time-consuming.

Source: 2023 Budgeting Survey

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