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  1. I love these categories, I’m working on becoming the next Manny Ruiz. I look forward to learning from this website as I build my professional career.

  2. I just registered, but I’ll keep the comments, and I hope that hispanic pr, over time we can lend a hand with a preyecto, community in the city of Aguascalientes mexico!

  3. Glad to register! Attended your intro webinar earlier today and congratulations on the continued success and next steps. Just remember, we’re not all pendejos in AZ.

  4. Extremely usefull information. It’s great to know that we can turn to you for valuable information.

  5. looking for ways to engage Latinos in an upcoming Austin Film Society event. Ideas? Suggestions?

  6. me parece q ue seria maravilloso poder encontrar ayuda para que nuestros hijios que le estan echando ganas al estudio puedan terminar pues yo he perdido el trabajo y necesito ayuda para que mi hijo pueda terminar su ultimo ano

  7. Looking forward to receiving the Hispanic Social Media Guide



  8. Hello, thrilled to be getting the daily newsletter. I have been trying to find more info in how to register for the Hispanicize event on April, hope you can help me.

    thank you,

  9. Looking forward to receive your information. I am currently working in a healthcare industry and reaching to hispanics is very important/crucial. But I feel that some very important keys when reaching to my hispanic culture are left out. I am hoping to gain more knowledge with your information, so I can help my company. Thanks

  10. Good initiative. I hope we, at Hispanic Market Weekly, can and will contribute to making the Hjspanic PR Blog Newsletter a must-read for all executives and people interested in this market.

  11. I’ve been enjoying Hispanicize since I started to subscribe to it. Has so much useful information for eveyone. My hat off to you !

  12. I am interested in received data from the hispanic market in Florida.
    Thank you

  13. Hola Ana,
    La organizacion de Aspira, LULAC al igual que Hispanic Scholorship Fund estan en el internet y ofrecen este tipo de ayuda.
    Espero esto te sea util

  14. Thank you for your excellence!
    Posted a comment and thought only my closing signature would appear?
    Prefer to do anonymous, as many people.

  15. deseo saber que medicamentos para diabeticos cubre la tarjeta d descuento si me pudieran mandar una lista se los agradeseria grasias

  16. quiero saber el telefono para ir a cursos de primero compradores de casas estamos interesados, lo pasaron en el show del dia jueves en la maniana

  17. Look forward to learning more from other Hispanic PR professionals across the country.

  18. Plaza Mexico in Lynwood welcomes all brands and activations, please call on us! @carloscastill0 @plazamex

  19. looking ahead to refresh my mind on Hispanic media, and learn more on the new trend of the latino market.

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