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Terra, in partnership with comScore, announces the results of “Terra’s 2014 State of the Hispanic Digital Consumer by comScore” study showcasing that Hispanics continue to outpace general market consumers on most digital fronts, above all in mobile, specifically among the Gen X and Millennial demographic. Now in its fourth installment, this new study reveals heightened Hispanic social media activity in a series of areas including mobile, music and event engagement. The 2014 report polled more than 3,000 consumers on their overall engagement with advertising, the Internet and various digital technologies.

“The ‘Terra 2014 State of the Hispanic Digital Consumer by comScore’ takes an in-depth look at Hispanics’ online tendencies and behaviors in comparison to that of the general market,” said Gerardo Adame, General Manager for Terra in Hispanic countries. “The study highlights how Hispanics continue to outpace other market segments in the way they engage online, watching videos, playing music and participating in live events – all things we at Terra incorporate into our advertising and programming opportunities ongoing.”

The Terra audience in particular demonstrates high levels of social engagement, spending twice as much time watching videos when compared to all Hispanic and Non-Hispanic audiences. With the highest ownership of personal electronic devices, the Terra audience is more likely to use these devices to access the internet making them the most engaged group with live event video streaming and entertainment, further adding to Hispanics over-indexing on media consumption.

“Hispanic consumer trends are changing and evolving daily, as are the ways in which marketers reach their audience,” said Emilia Pena, Director of Sales for Terra. “At Terra, we stay ahead of these trends by supporting ongoing research as seen with this year’s new study, ‘Terra 2014 State of the Hispanic Digital Consumer by comScore,’ now in its fourth installment, and ensuring our clients stay at the forefront and are offered the most innovative opportunities available in Hispanic media today.”

Study results show that Hispanics are more receptive to digital advertising than non-Hispanics. Specifically, digital behavior for the following 10 categories were explored: alcoholic beverages, automotive, beauty and personal hygiene, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), entertainment, pharmaceutical/ healthcare, retail, telecommunications, travel (leisure), and Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR, fast food).

The study presents a variety of ways in which Hispanics are over indexing in their consumption of media, and demonstrates the continued growth of multitasking across screens.


Digital advertising resonates with the Hispanic market, specifically among Millennials.

  • 28% of Millennials find online ads more meaningful when they are culturally relevant vs. 23% of Gen X and 15% of Baby Boomers
  • 28% of Millennials are more likely to notice brands that advertise on sites with special programs (such as live music or sports events) than on any other types of sites vs. 20% of Gen X and 14% of Baby Boomers

Hispanics’ preference in digital advertising has led to more common purchasing tendencies via devices such as smartphones and tablets than non-Hispanics. Additionally, these “go-to” gadgets are most used by Hispanics to view online videos.

  • 61% of Hispanics use tablets for online videos vs. 42% of non-Hispanics
  • 44% of Hispanics use smartphones for online videos vs. 30% of non-Hispanics

In the past 12 months, Hispanics have been tuning in more frequently to music related events via live stream. As an example of this trend, Hispanic audiences have been connecting to the “Terra Live Music” series on all platforms, including mobile devices.

  • Hispanics view live streamed music events and concerts two times more often than Non-Hispanics
  • 54% of Hispanics stream online music for free compared to 40% of Non-Hispanics

Additionally, Hispanics have become more active both in researching live events as well as social sharing during live events.

  • 51% of Hispanics use the Internet to stay up-to-date with the latest information about live events compared to 43% of Non-Hispanics
  • 32% of Hispanics are more engaged with social sharing during events via smartphone in comparison to  19% of Non-Hispanics

Overall, “Terra’s 2014 State of the Hispanic Digital Consumer by comScore” study further proves Hispanics are engaged consumers across multiple platforms, whether on Terra or others.  Hispanics are relying heavily on the digital opportunities available to them to view their preferred events, and Terra’s new platform’s features great content and live streamed events that digitally engage the Hispanic audience.
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