By Guest Blogger Marina Lidow

Product placement has long been a viable marketing tool in television, and is often a more impactful approach than the traditional ad buy. A vivid example can be seen in Univision’s Spanish program, “Eva Luna,” which integrated Buick into a storyline involving one character, an ad executive, and chronicled his effort to create an ad for the company. Think “Mad Men” meets “As The World Turns,” within an epic-length mini-series.

As you might have figured out, Spanish soap operas clearly call for a wider description than their U.S. counterparts. These stories are actually known as “telenovelas,” and differ quite a bit from their American cousins, featuring a pre-set storyline duration (usually six months) with a defined beginning, middle and end. They’re also frequently seen in prime time, and draw a large family audience, as opposed to “soaps,” which appeal to the predominantly stay-at-home mom crowd in the U.S.

Telenovelas are popular, and amount to a big opportunity for marketers, specifically those wishing to attract a devoted Latino audience to their products. In one example of a successful tie-in, L’Oreal partnered with Telemundo to create an online community of telenovela fans known as “Club de Noveleras.” Within this community, members were encouraged to talk about their beauty regimens, which amounted to valuable insight, and publicity for the company. Not to mention greater brand loyalty.

Networked Insights can find a number of opportunities to position your brand for similar success. To start, we can help discover the interests and opinions of your ideal customers, and identify a telenovela that matches your marketing goals. Next, we can analyze social media to discover which upcoming shows are generating buzz.

But even before that, we can show you the effectiveness of either Buick or L’Oreal’s promotions, and how the brands were being talked about both before and after their campaigns.

The opportunities for your success, much like soap opera or telenovela storylines, are endless.

Marina Lidow is a Research Analyst at Networked Insights, where she uses the company’s social media listening platform to analyze the social web to help agencies and brand marketers make better strategic and tactical decisions. Prior to joining Networked Insights, Marina worked as a management consultant, consulting to companies in retail, aviation, telecommunications, media and other industries. Currently based in Chicago, Marina has also enjoyed living and working in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires. In addition to her consulting work, Marina co-founded a customized cereal company while living in Buenos Aires to cater to the demand for healthy breakfast foods. Her studies as well as her time abroad fueled her interest in Latino culture and Hispanic marketing. Marina holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, with concentrations in Finance and Management, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She also minored in Hispanic Studies and is fluent in Spanish and Russian.

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