Translating Telenovelas Into Effective Marketing

By Guest Blogger Marina Lidow

Product placement has long been a viable marketing tool in television, and is often a more impactful approach than the traditional ad buy. A vivid example can be seen in Univision’s Spanish program, “Eva Luna,” which integrated Buick into a storyline involving one character, an ad executive, and chronicled his effort to create an ad for the company. Think “Mad Men” meets “As The World Turns,” within an epic-length mini-series.

As you might have figured out, Spanish soap operas clearly call for a wider description than their U.S. counterparts. These stories are actually known as “telenovelas,” and differ quite a bit from their American cousins, featuring a pre-set storyline duration (usually six months) with a defined beginning, middle and end. They’re also frequently seen in prime time, and draw a large family audience, as opposed to “soaps,” which appeal to the predominantly stay-at-home mom crowd in the U.S. Read More »