MIAMI, FL – Telemundo Communications Group announced a partnership with Conill on a multi-faceted marketing effort for T-Mobile USA, Inc.  The centerpiece of the partnership is T-Mobile’s sponsorship of the “El Favorito del Famoso” contest which kicked off in mid-July and runs through September.
“Through our partnership with T-Mobile, we have developed a way for Telemundo viewers to interact with their favorite novela characters on an exciting, new platform,” said Michael Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Sales, Telemundo. “Our audience is extremely invested in mobile communication. This partnership helps Telemundo reach its audience on their preferred platform, while T-Mobile is able to simultaneously reach the large, influential community of Hispanic consumers.”
T-Mobile will receive on-air placements as a part of the partnership. Viewers will be driven to to register for a chance to appear on the T-Mobile Mis Favoritos network of their favorite character on Telemundo’s popular novela Más Sabe el Diablo. Entrants will submit photos along with reasons why they should be chosen to appear on the phone as a friend of their favorite character. Contest entrants may choose from the following characters: Miguel Angel Salvador (Male Lead), Manuela Davila (Female Lead), Martin Acero (Male Lead Antagonist), Virginia Davila (Manuela’s sister) and Horacio Garcia (Best friend of Female Lead). One of the integrations will also feature a scene including one of T-Mobile’s Playground store locations.
“We are always seeking out interesting creative opportunities to connect our clients with their audiences,” said Mario Granatur, Creative Director of Conill’s Los Angeles office. “Using a variety of mediums in smart and innovative ways helps brands to stand out and engage consumers at a personal level.”
A T-Mobile-branded page of the Más Sabe el Diablo microsite on houses all of the contest elements. Produced by Telemundo under Conill’s direction, the site features polls, winner archives and a fully branded experience.
The contest will be organized in two phases, giving participants two chances to win. Currently underway, phase 1 features a web driver that provides contest details and directs consumers to the T-Mobile digital page. In Phase 2, scheduled to run through September, Telemundo will air a refreshed on-air driver showcasing the actual image of one winner in one of the characters’ “Fave 5SM” to alert viewers that they will have a second chance to win. Participants can enter once every day and may only enter themselves to appear with one novela character per entry.

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