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Telemundo unveiled its partnership with Mashable, the leading media company for the Connected Generation, on Friday at the Mashable Media Summit, showcasing a dedicated Spanish-language content HUB titled “#ElPulso via Mashable.”

#ElPulso via Mashable will live on a dedicated page on designed to provide news and information on how digital and technology are changing the world and featuring articles, photo galleries and specially crafted videos hosted by presenter and social media influencer Christian Acosta (@ChristianAcosta), as well as across all social media platforms.

“The Hispanic consumer is leading not only in the adoption, but also in the active creation of digital & social trends,” said Borja Perez, Senior Vice President of Digital & Social Media for Telemundo. “We believe that by co-creating with industry and advertising leaders, Telemundo can positively impact consumer needs while creating enhanced value for all partners involved.”

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Telemundo to bring the storytelling, technology and creativity that is core to Mashable’s DNA to Telemundo’s audience of digitally engaged Hispanic consumers,” said Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer of Mashable. “Hispanics are avid users of tech and social media, and this partnership demonstrates how the digital revolution has not only connected people geographically, but culturally as well.”

The innovative partnership between Mashable and Telemundo, which was originally announced at the 2014 Upfronts, will be curated using Mashable’s proprietary Velocity technology, which predicts and tracks the viral life-cycle of digital media content. The site will be accessible on all devices including web, mobile and tablet devices as well as on the Telemundo Entertainment App.

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