Network Will Leverage Its Original Multiplatform Content along with AuditionBooth’s Innovative Technology to Cast New Latino Talent across Its Full Lineup of Shows

Telemundo Communications Group, a leading producer of high-quality content for Hispanics in the U.S. and audiences around the world, today announced a partnership with AuditionBooth LLC, the revolutionary online discovery platform, to provide an online audition platform for Telemundo’s full line-up of shows. The partnership goes into effect in January 2011.

Over 29 million U.S. Hispanics are online, and U.S. Hispanic Internet audience growth outpaced total U.S. online population by 50%.* 84% of Hispanics have a broadband connection versus 79% of non-Hispanics.** Entertainment, particularly video, plays a critical role in internet use among U.S. Hispanics, and the Hispanic community overindexes in this area compared to the general market. 37% of Hispanics watch video on the internet compared with 31% non-Hispanics, while 42% of Hispanics watch entire TV shows online compared with 28% of non-Hispanics.**

“Telemundo is the gold-standard for Hispanic programming,” says Paula Abdul, AuditionBooth co-founder. “This partnership, and their involvement with our company, further enhances and illustrates the quality of services that we intend to provide for our users. We have a very clear vision – to provide high-quality opportunities for talent discovery – and this partnership does just that.”

Anyone interested in uploading an audition for Telemundo and mun2 will be driven to the network’s microsite. An audition host will then conduct a virtual interview which on-air hopefuls will record with their computer’s webcam – recorded entries can be reviewed and re-recorded before they are submitted. AuditionBooth’s robust business intelligence tools enables casting decision makers from Telemundo and mun2 access to submissions with the goal of finding new talent from the entire U.S. Hispanic population and at all levels of language dominance.

After audition content has been uploaded, Telemundo will use AuditionBooth technology to sort or filter audition applicants by gender, location, or content gathered during the audition process. Applicants can then choose to receive automatic electronic notification when their audition is being viewed.

Source: *comScore October 2010; **Forrester Hispanic Technographics® Online Omnibus Survey, 2009

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