HEINEKEN USA announced that Tecate Light and Indio, two key brands of its Mexican portfolio, were recognized at the 2013 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural Excellence Awards. Tecate Light’s “Dangerously Bold” campaign was named the Grand Prize winner in the Radio Category, while Indio’s “Do Your Thing” OOH campaign was a winner in the Print Category. Both creative efforts were developed by the brands’ Dallas-based AOR iNSPIRE! to reach members of the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. Hispanic population – bicultural and bilingual consumers of legal drinking age.


“We’re very proud of both campaigns as they are truly anchored on the unique personalities and lifestyles of two distinct segments of the bicultural Hispanic demographic. By expertly leveraging key insights, the iNSPIRE! team executed successful creative that built upon our brand values and authentically connected with our consumers,” said Gustavo Guerra, Brand Director for Tecate Franchise and Indio.

Tecate Light’s “Dangerously Bold” campaign – winner of the Grand Prize in the Radio Category – is rooted in the strong and bold flavor of the Mexican import, and inspired by its consumers’ ingenuity and desire to live an uncomplicated life, fearlessly and con carácter. The campaign’s :60 and :30 radio spots “Testimanial” open with bold sounds such as eagles calling that lead into a series of testimonials from men describing their experience drinking Tecate Light. With humor and wit, the spot blends the end of one statement into the beginning of another to create an entertaining flow of words.

By the time the “Dangerously Bold” radio campaign wrapped in July 2013, Tecate Light had registered considerable increases in volume sales, solidifying its place as the fastest-growing mainstream light beer in the Western Sunbelt States[1]. To listen to the spot, which was highly-ranked by target consumers as engaging, original and humorous vs. a competitive set[2], please visit: http://on.fb.me/1fkuC5S.

Selected as a winner in the Print Category, Indio’s “Do Your Thing” OOH campaign was specifically designed to connect with bicultural millennials 21+ who are independent thinkers and express themselves in everything they do, whether it’s music, painting, writing, photography, or other artistic disciplines. Each mural and billboard was further customized for the city it was displayed on. For example, the “Take a Ride” mural centers on a cool fixie bike, which are popular in Austin amongst the brand’s consumer and a symbol of their free spirit; the creative posted in Chicago, “Reach For It”, is a nod to the Windy City’s creative community and features a unique and intricate tattoo showcasing Indio consumers’ cultural duality.

The “Dangerously Bold” Tecate Light and “Do Your Thing” Indio campaigns were iNSPIRE!’s first creative efforts for the brands, after coming on board as their English-language AOR in early 2013.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized for our creative so early in our relationship with both the Tecate and Indio brands,” said Lonnie Limon, President of iNSPIRE!. “We have been given the opportunity to bring our brands to life for the bicultural consumer and these awards pay homage to not only the work but to our client’s trust.”

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