Tecate has launched a national search for a group of soccer fans with enough character and skills to travel to and report on a soccer game of the team’s choice in Mexico or the U.S. As the “Tecate Correspondent Team”, the selected individuals will receive round-trip airfare, accommodations, tickets to the game and an opportunity to share their passion for the sport via the brand’s official Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/Tecate.

“Tecate knows that without fans, soccer would be nothing but a game. It is the aficionados’ cheers, rituals, and enthusiasm that feed the energy of the stadium and elevate the team’s spirits,” said Felix Palau, vice president of marketing for Tecate. “By searching for and selecting the most ardent soccer fans in the country, we will not only complement our long-standing support of sports con carácter, but give consumers a platform through which to celebrate and share their appreciation for fútbol.

To apply for the opportunity to become the “Tecate Correspondent Team”, a group of three adults 21 or older must register on Tecate’s Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/Tecate) between May 1 and August 26, 2012. Applicants will have the opportunity to prove their ability to communicate their unique insight, perspective and passion for soccer to others through their blogging and reporting skills, by completing a short online application. The top five eligible groups will be interviewed by a panel of experts, who will select the most qualified trio to capture the excitement of a soccer game of their choice in Mexico or in the U.S. through articles, photos and videos.

Details of the search will be communicated to consumers via thematic point of sale materials at retail locations throughout the country. Featuring the tagline “Deja que tu Pasión te Lleve” or “Let Your Passion Take You”, and elaborated by Dieste, they include mass-displays, posters, price cards and mail-in rebates on the purchase of Tecate or Tecate Light product and related snacks. For complete eligibility requirements and rules, please visit www.Facebook.com/Tecate.

Additionally, this summer in key markets like California, Texas and Illinois, Tecate will celebrate the carácter of soccer through a series of exhibition games featuring some of the top teams in the Mexican Primera División (First Division); the nation’s largest and most prestigious amateur Hispanic soccer tournament, Tecate Copa Alianza; and special appearances by Mexican fútbol legend Jared Borgetti and Univision Radio’s Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo.

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