Tips, Tricks & Treacherous Pitfalls

What You’ll Learn:

  • Everything you need to know about the latest U.S. Census report that Hispanics are America’s biggest and fastest-growing ethnic market
  • Hispanic marketing 101: What’s very different about marketing to Hispanics through traditional media and social media—and what’s similar to mainstream marketing
  • Se Habla Spanglish: When to use English, Español and even Spanglish when reaching out to Hispanic influencers—and the faux pas to definitely avoid
  • Hispanic social media opportunities—the strategies and tactics you must deploy ASAP to reach Hispanics through Twitter, Facebook and social media
  • Hispanic Media Relations Essentials: What you must know to place stories in major Spanish-language media such as Univision
  • Common mistakes PR people make when make when targeting Hispanics
  • Brand ambassadors: How to find, cultivate and please Hispanic bloggers and other key social media influencers—and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Latino and Hispanic market segments: Learn how to reach key subgroups such as moms, fashionistas, “gaytinos,” and millennials
  • Case studies from the trenches—hear how savvy PR and marketing pros have generated amazing ROI from their Hispanic marketing campaigns

Reasons to Attend This Event:

Make no mistake: Hispanics in the United States make up our most dominant, fastest-growing market segment—one that is already 51 million strong and growing by the day! Ignore this burgeoning market—and its special requirements—at your marketing peril.

With a market this big—supported by scores of specialized media—PR has countless opportunities to address interest groups of all ages and stages of life. Teens, moms and young adults are some of the fastest-growing and biggest Hispanic sub-groups—and don’t forget about Hispanic tech geeks, food bloggers and “gaytinos.”

While it’s true that many Hispanics respond to mainstream marketing and social media, they appreciate and often even require refined techniques that are sensitive to language and cultural differences. (Are you aware, for example, of the good times to use “Spanglish” –that mix of English and Spanish—as well as the terrible times?) In short, before you dive into Hispanic-targeted PR, you’ll want to learn both the most successful techniques and the deadliest pitfalls.

To bring you up to date and up to speed on this marketing bonanza quickly, PR University has assembled a world-class panel of Hispanic marketing experts to train you on what PR people need to know—and which costly mistakes to avoid—when directing your communications to Hispanics. And even better, you’ll learn how to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter more effectively to connect with Hispanics of all ages and interests.

Join PR University for this practical learning experience and come away tuned-in, energized and ready to capitalize on this huge market opportunity.


  • Mónica Talán, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Univision Communications Inc.
  • Hector Galvan, Manager, Hispanic Corporate Communications, Sprint/Sprint Prepaid Group
  • Raul E. Cisneros, Chief of Digital Media, U.S. Census Bureau
  • John Echeveste, Partner, VPE Public Relations
  • Manny Ruiz, Founder, Hispanicize

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