Tampico Beverages, a leading global refrigerated juice drink brand, last week launched the Unique Like Youdigital/social media campaign to support the company’s 20-ounce, single-serve product option.

Leveraging Tampico Beverages’ already active online community, the campaign gives the company a new way to foster their relationship with the consumer. “Launching our 20-ounce, single-serve product against the social media backdrop will help us strengthen the bonds we’ve built with our devoted supporters,” said Gerdes. “We love the digital engagement they have built with our brand.  They are actively sharing their experience with our product in many creative ways such as conducting their own taste tests and creating raps and videos about the product and posting them on YouTube.”

Scheduled to run through this summer, the campaign targets 16- to 28-year-old multicultural consumers and incorporates an interactive photo contest, comedic videos, online advertising and social media marketing with support from radio spots and experiential tactics, including community events, store visits and guerilla marketing.

According to Gerdes, the campaign moniker “Unique Like You” is a testament to Tampico Beverages’ core 20 oz consumer. “Our objective is to celebrate and link the consumer’s strong sense of individuality with the uniqueness of the individual-serving, 20-ounce TAMPICO® product. The campaign’s name and graffiti-like graphic treatment reflect the Hispanic/multicultural lifestyle,” she said. “TAMPICO® is a brand with strong Hispanic affinity that fits the active lifestyle of our young adult consumer and now allows them to choose their own flavor in a size that’s perfect for one person. It’s truly Unique Like You.”

The campaign’s photo contest will run on a popular social media platform allowing contestants to 1) submit photos of themselves, 2) make them Unique Like You with various accessories, and, 3) ask their friends to vote for their pictures. The 500 entries with the most votes will have a chance to appear in a Tampico Beverages photo mosaic, which may later be used for marketing purposes. One lucky grand prize winner will be selected to receive a digital rock star kit, including a top-of-the-line laptop computer, a digital music player, a set of designer headphones and a digital music gift card.

For Tampico multimedia files and resource links, please visit, http://tinyurl.com/3t93kju.

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