I still remember the day Manny Ruiz asked me to join as a member of the Hispanicize advisory board. 2012 wasn’t simply the third year for the event; it was a major turning point. Manny had a clear vision: “Think South by Southwest meets Latino,” he said. The successful Latino event, previously focused on social media and bloggers, would add marketing and entertainment content. “People think I’m crazy,” he said, “but it’s worth trying”. That was the motivation I needed to say: “I’m in.”

It’s been crazy for both of us since then. For Manny, that meant lots of planning and running an ambitious Latino event. For me, that meant helping to organize the content for the marketing section as well as “recruiting” new speakers for Hispanicize 2012 (#hispz12).

Today, after very dynamic and intensive sessions, I agree with Manny. He is crazy, but he is not the only one. There are more than 700 participants who share this craziness about the new trends of Latino marketing.

Read Gustavo Razzetti‘s post at ClickZ.

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