The 2016 Daytime EMMY® Awards nominations featured a rare gem of an up-by-her-bootstraps story this year. Gaby Natale and the TV show SuperLatina, where she serves as host and executive producer, received nominations in two categories, a first in EMMY’s history for an independent production company focused on Hispanic audiences.

“I literally went from a carpet warehouse to the red carpet! To think that almost ten years ago, we taped the first episode of SuperLatina from a carpet warehouse and now we are going toe-to-toe with some of the biggest media companies in the planet is almost inconceivable. It makes me and my team immensely proud” said Natale.
The weekly show, which airs every Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on VmeTV, was nominated forOutstanding Entertainment Program in Spanish, while Mrs. Natale received a nod in the Outstanding Daytime Talent in a Spanish Language Program category.
“Our company’s philosophy has always been dream, execute, adapt, innovate. SuperLatina was born out of this matrix”- noted Andres Suarez, CEO of AGANARmedia, the company that produces and owns the rights to SuperLatina. “The same applies to our new expansion into the digital landscape, Celebrastic“, he said.
Celebrastic is a bilingual mobile app dedicated to planning and crowdfunding special events with a Latino twist. The new venture will launch in late 2016 and represents an extension of AGANARmedia’s mission to empower Latinas.
“I want to break free from any limitation and be able to follow my calling of helping other women succeed. I’ve followed my heart every step of the way, even when people around me told me that I was crazy. And, somehow, I made it to the Daytime EMMYs”, said Natale, laughing out loud.
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) honors creativity and excellence through the renowned EMMY®  Award, the most prestigious award in television. The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles, May 1st.
For more information about SuperLatina and its parent company, AGANARmedia, please visit  and

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