AGANARmedia announced today that its syndicated TV show SuperLatina will expand its distribution to San Antonio and Austin. Starting August 10th, KVDF TV San Antonio Azteca 31 and KADF Austin Azteca 20 will begin airing the show every Saturday at 12.30pm.

“We’ve been working very hard to syndicate our show throughout the United States. Azteca has been a great partner in other markets and we are very excited to add 2 cities with a combined population of over 4 million to our lineup” said Gaby Natale, host and co-executive producer of SuperLatina.

With the addition of Austin and San Antonio to Dallas and Houston, the Emmy-nominated TV show -now in its sixth season- covers almost every major city in the Lone Star State plus smaller markets in West Texas and the entire state of New Mexico.

“This is a plan that has been long in the making. We are now setting our sights on making sure every GM in the nation gets to know the benefits of our syndication model” said Andres O. Suarez, CEO of AGANARmedia.

SuperLatina’s unique model allows local television stations to add significant advertising dollars to their bottom line. Partner stations have the opportunity – but are not required – to localize up to four minutes of the syndicated show. Often, this includes the sale of local product integration or product placement, as well as sponsorship of news and entertainment features.

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