MIAMI, FL – As of today, the world of online content and information in Spanish has a unique new site. Today in Miami, Canadian multinational Suite101 Media Inc. announced the launch of, the Spanish version of its internationally renowned portal, an online site featuring-more than 2,500 freelance contributors- the world’s largest network of journalists and writers.

The project’s editorial model is a first for Spanish language markets and is based on quality of content and a shared revenue model that allows writers to earn money for their contributions. All content is reviewed prior to its publication by an editorial team composed of professional journalists specialized in each subject area, from culture or sports to new technologies or health.

How it works’s approach balances the freedom of being a freelance contributor and publishing online articles with the need to guarantee dependable, quality content for its readers. The site is open to writers from all over the world: experts on a specific subject or professional area, journalists, non-fiction writers, bloggers, journalism students, writing enthusiasts or hobbyists who have something to share. All may publish their articles under one condition- the quality of content which is subject to screening and review by a team of editors in Spain, the U.S. and Latin America.

Once a writer’s work has been accepted for publication,’s freelancers may share earnings indefinitely, even if they stop contributing new articles to the project. In exchange, writers commit to contributing a minimum of ten articles every three months in order to generate a reasonable volume of content to begin to see results. The amount paid will vary and depends on the quality and search engine optimization level (SEO) of the articles. Last July, a writer earned a monthly income of $5,000, the highest amount reached to date.

An expanding business is being launched simultaneously with, the French version of the site. It is the company’s most important step forward in its international expansion plan that began in Germany in 2008 with the launch of, which registered a record one million unique visitors in its first 10 months. targets the Spanish-speaking community worldwide and is based in Madrid, with correspondents in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico and Miami.

Suite101, a Canadian company founded in 1996, welcomed Hubert Burda Media editorial group as its majority shareholder in 2006. The company’s original approach has allowed it to publish more than 200,000 articles and has attracted 17 million unique visitors per month all over the world.

“The’s launch represents a decisive step forward in the company’s expansion, because it aims to reach the world’s entire Spanish-speaking community of 420 million people,” says Peter Berger, president and CEO of Suite101. “Our commercial model, which is totally consolidated in the Anglo-Saxon world, channels the increase in online advertising towards a model that allows our contributing writers to get paid for their work, rather than just providing a forum in which they can get published.” is headed by Eva Fontiveros, an experienced journalist with an extensive background in communications media, both in Europe and Latin America. “ is an unprecedented initiative for the Spanish language market. Writing for the web is not the same as writing for print media. To that end, we offer our contributing writers continued support and feedback to help them produce quality articles and reach the widest possible audience,” added the Editor-in-Chief of

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