Hispanic Purchasing via Mobile Devices (PR Urgent,

Based on a recent study, “Hispanic Mobile Purchasing Trends,” by Zpryme and ThinkNow Research, U.S. Hispanic spending via mobile devices (smartphone and/or tablet) reached $10.1 billion annually. The study projects total U.S. mobile spending of $52.0 billion, with Hispanics accounting for 20% of total mobile spending.

“Even though recent Census data show that per-capita Hispanic incomes are below those of non-Hispanics, Hispanics significantly outspend non-Hispanics on their mobile devices on a per-capita basis,” said Jason Rodriguez, CEO and Director of Research for Zpryme. “Given the surge in Hispanic population, education, and economic status, companies must have a well-defined mobile strategy to win these high value customers. Companies with the foresight to engage, connect, and relate to Hispanics today will be the leading companies of tomorrow.”

“Over the past several years we have seen a lot of data regarding Hispanics over-indexing in overall mobile usage. While interesting, much of the data provided no context as to how brands & companies could act on this phenomenon,” stated Mario X. Carrasco, Co-founder and Managing Partner of ThinkNow Research. “Our research indicates that Hispanics have a higher propensity to make purchases via their smartphones, contextualizing the data in a powerful way for brands and companies to act on.”

Major Findings


  • Annual U.S. mobile spending reached $52.0 billion. Hispanics accounted for 20% ($10.1 billion) of mobile spending while non-Hispanics accounted for 80% ($41.9 billion).


  • Among Hispanics, mobile purchases of electronics and airline tickets were $2.7 billion and $2.0 billion, respectively.


  • Among non-Hispanics, mobile purchases of electronics and airline tickets were $11.1 billion and $8.8 billion, respectively.


  • Annual mobile spending per-capita was $313 among Hispanics vs. $253 among non-Hispanics.


  • On a per-capita basis, Hispanics outspend non-Hispanics on electronics, airline tickets, clothes, and music.


About the Study

Zpryme and ThinkNow surveyed a representative sample of 500 Hispanics and 300 non-Hispanics between 18 and 64 years old in August of 2014. The projections were developed using 2014 U.S. Census population projections. Respondents were asked about the spending and shopping habits conducted on a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet). Further, they were asked about how they engage with social media and online resources such as blogs, videos, and expert reviews. Last, they were asked about the products they purchased on their mobile device and their current and future mobile technology interests.

This is the first of four INFOgraphics that will be released before the full report.



To download the infographic, Hispanic Purchasing Via Mobile Devices, click here

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