Audio is everywhere these days in America – available on multiple platforms from our smart cars to our smartphones, reaching consumers from all walks of life in more than 250 local markets. A new study from Nielsen titled STATE OF THE MEDIA: AUDIO TODAY-A FOCUS ON BLACK AND HISPANIC AUDIENCES reveals that this quarter we find that the national radio audience has hit an all-time high for the second year in a row: 245 million Americans, more than 91% of those 12 or older, are using radio in a given week.

The power of radio is evident not just as a whole, but also within the diverse communities of listeners stretching from coast to coast. In this quarter’s report, we focus on the record 71.7 million blacks and Hispanics who combine to account for almost a third (29.3%) of the national average quarter hour (AQH) audience.

These black and Hispanic consumers spend more time with radio each week than any other group, and possess enormous buying power for advertisers looking to reach a qualified audience when they are away from home and in the marketplace ready to purchase.

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