US moms continue to increase their social media usage. According to a March 2013 study by comScore for online parenting resource BabyCenter, more than 90% of US mom internet users reported using social media on a regular basis. Baby

Center estimated that 20% more moms used social media in 2013 than did so in 2010. At this point, moms who do not use social media are becoming practically unheard of.

Moms between 18- to 34-years-old were not only more likely to be on social sites, they also spent considerably more time on Facebook than the general population—24% more time on desktop, and factoring in mobile, young moms spent 260% more time than the average user.

BabyCenter also found that moms overindex in their use of all the other leading social platforms—YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

The biggest difference between moms and the general population is on YouTube. Seventy-seven percent of moms used YouTube, compared with 61% of the population. The difference on Instagram was also significant—27% of moms used the mobile-social site, compared with only 15% of the general population. The smallest divide was on Google+.

According to BabyCenter, the top reasons moms reported participating in social included connecting with other moms and friends and family, discovering information, and sharing family milestones. Ninety-two percent of social moms said they shared family milestones on Facebook. Getting advice was also an extremely popular reason moms used social media.

eMarketer expects the growth in the number of US mom social network users to slow in coming years, given how common the activity already is among this demographic.

This year, eMarketer estimates that 28 million female internet users over the age of 18 with children in the household will use social networks at least once a month. The number of US mom social networkers is expected to come close to 30 million by 2017.


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