starMedia has launched a major redesign of its portal, , to bring a new online experience to Hispanic communities looking for relevant local content, interactive services and social media connectivity. is a global portal connecting almost 25 million users across US and Latam countries with over 50% growth rates on yearly basis.*

In the most significant redesign that starMedia has ever undertaken, all media web channels have been revamped with a new, fresh and simplified look and feel. Recognized for its broad range of channels, quality content and extensive information, starMedia is further extending this area with the addition of new channels dedicated to technology and automotive. In addition well known ‘classic’ starMedia services like LatinChat, LatinGames, LatinCards or LatinMail have been updated along with popular student channel Rincon del Vago.

This global redesign is just the first step in a period of investment and innovation for the portal. Plans include developing the portal for mobile or tablet platforms, providing a more personal experience and anytime, anyplace access. In another development, starMedia will bring on board new content partners, in order to extend its service into the English as well as Spanish language.

The redesign was also undertaken with the needs of advertisers in mind. The clean and simple layout makes advertising stand out and gives greater opportunity for strong branding and the interactive elements give the opportunity to engage with starMedia’s audience of 26 million.

Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO, Orange Advertising Network Americas, commented, “starMedia is one of the most important sites of our network and we are sure the new layout and look and feel will not only improve the user experience but also facilitate a better connection between our advertisers and the visitors of this traditional and famous Internet destination.”

*CommScore May’2011

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