ATLANTA, GA – Stanley Works has teamed up with North Carolina-based AC&M Group to launch a nationwide Hispanic outreach program called “Hazla en Grande” – which translates to “Make It Big” in English – during its media debut at the 2009 STAFDA convention. The initiative is designed to provide materials that will build knowledge and/or skills among Hispanics working in the construction trades.

The bilingual initiative provides a variety of materials designed to attract, educate and inspire Hispanics during their journey to a successful career … possibly even a path to business ownership. Materials include training videos, pocket translators, books, and other exciting program elements that will engage Hispanics on a cultural level. 

In addition to the educational materials, Stanley has selected Jose “Lupe” Esparza as its spokesperson for the initiative. Esparza is a well-known vocalist, composer and songwriter for the Mexican band called Bronco. “Lupe Esparza is a well-respected celebrity in the Hispanic community, not only for his artistic talent, but because his story as a living example of hard work, dedication, and success in achieving big dreams,” said Bannell.

“Stanley is committed to support Hispanic workers and we firmly believe that our products will indeed become the Hispanic’s tool of choice, if it isn’t already. However, our goal is to earn their preference through building trust and providing knowledge,” said Scott Bannell, VP Brand Management at Stanley Works.

The training video collection covers practical topics such as framing, drywall, roofing, finish & trim, and techniques for mechanics. Each 25-minute video provides tips & techniques for selecting the right tools, estimating a job, preparing the jobsite, and meeting building code requirements as well as valuable safety tips for working around the jobsite.

The pocket translator is an English-to-Spanish/Spanish-to-English guide to translating more than 2,000 commonly used construction terms on the jobsite. By design, this guide can be used by Spanish speakers and English speakers alike for more effective jobsite communication.

The Book “Learn to Earn” provides basic information for workers who want to start their own business. It includes advice from industry experts, key information from industry associations, and insight from entrepreneurs who have succeeded in establishing their own companies.

Alfredo Garza, Marketing Director at AC&M Group said “Stanley will support the educational and training efforts of the National Hispanic Contractors Association (NHCA) and its 11 chapters that operate a regional level,” said Garza.

For more information about “Hazla en Grande,” visit the website

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