South Carolina Census Data

Data for South Carolina show that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are Columbia, 129,272; Charleston, 120,083; North Charleston, 97,471; Mount Pleasant, 67,843; and Rock Hill, 66,154. Columbia grew by 11.2 percent since the 2000 Census. Charleston grew by 24.2 percent, North Charleston grew by 22.4 percent, Mount Pleasant grew by 42.5 percent, and Rock Hill grew by 32.9 percent.

The largest county is Greenville, with a population of 451,225. Its population grew by 18.9 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Richland, with a population of 384,504 (increase of 19.9 percent); Charleston, 350,209 (increase of 13.0 percent); Spartanburg, 284,307 (increase of 12.0 percent); and Horry, 269,291 (increase of 37.0 percent).
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