Spanish reward fulfillment and customer service offering improves personalization, customer experience, reduces waste

Parago, a leading provider of consumer and corporate incentives,has launched of a promotional fulfillment service offering designed to reward and communicate to clients’ Spanish-speaking customers in their language of preference. Many consumer promotions are currently marketed in Spanish; however, translation gaps in reward fulfillment and customer service communications exist. Solo Spanish addresses this shortfall and is now available for all Parago consumer incentive and customer acquisition programs including rebates, gift with purchase and others.

The new Spanish-language program tailors all communication touch points to the language of the customer’s choosing during reward submission. For example, once a customer identifies preference for the Spanish language, all following communication will be tailored to this preference. Solo Spanish will not only provide better customer service by communicating in native or language-of-preference, it will also make consumer incentives fulfillment more personalized. Some consumer promotions include two languages in all written fulfillment materials — both English and Spanish. Parago’s new program will only have a single version of each communication piece in the language that the consumer selected, speaking directly to the customer and reducing the volume of communication materials.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. the nation’s leading provider of unlimited, no annual contract, flat-rate wireless service, has implemented Solo Spanish with great success.

“MetroPCS’ customer-base has a large Spanish-speaking component,” said Phil Terry, senior vice president of corporate marketing, MetroPCS. “We work with Parago to help drive customer acquisition, deliver incentives and maintain ongoing engagement with our valued customers and now, with dedicated Spanish-language communication, we are able to better serve our customers.”

“Parago delivers rewards on behalf of most major consumer brands in America, and as such is pleased to offer a more personalized reward fulfillment service offering tailored specifically for Spanish-speaking consumers and Hispanic-focused marketing campaigns,” stated Juli Spottiswood, President & CEO of Parago. “As Spanish-speaking consumers represent 12 percent of US residents, Solo Spanish will help our clients meet the increasingly diverse American consumer. Companies have realized the benefits of marketing in the native language of Spanish-speaking communities, and we are proud to extend that approach to promotion fulfillment and post-purchase communications.”

Parago provides consumer incentive and customer acquisition rewards to 1 out of every 2 US households.

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