SOi TV, the first and only 100% social Spanish-language TV network for U.S. Hispanics, has received five nominations in the Suncoast Emmy Awards. Included are two nominations for SOi TV’s news promotional campaign SOi Unico; an Interactivity nomination for “La Batalla de los Tweets”; a Political news coverage nomination for “Sleeping with the Enemy”; and a Community Affairs news coverage nomination for “Rage that Kills”. These are the first Suncoast Emmy nominations for SOi TV. “The thrill and excitement is palpable in the halls of SOi TV today,” said CEO, Julian Isaac. “For a station that is less than a year old to have its talent recognized at this level is an extraordinary accomplishment and we are quite humbled by the recognition. I really couldn’t be prouder of the team we have built.” SOi Unico, a unique series of news promos designed to introduce the viewers to SOi TV’s talent, received nominations for their pieces on Opiniario anchors, Sergio Urquidi and Yoandy Castañeda. The promos give viewers an inside look into each of the anchor’s journeys into their life in front of the camera. “La Batalla de los Tweets”, a behind the scenes footage piece filmed during an interview with ex-President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, captures a live social media battle which unfolds between the former leader and the country’s current President, Juan Manuel Santos, on Twitter. Among the outstanding news coverage nominees, SOi TV was recognized in two different categories, Politics and Community Affairs. Their political piece, “Sleeping with the Enemy”, takes a look at the growing number of Castro supporters who live in the United States despite being fundamentally opposed to the norms of a capitalistic society, while “Rage That Kills” focuses on the silent, but deadly epidemic of domestic violence in our communities. In November 2011, SOi TV launched in 15 U.S. markets with a focus on integrating social media into the traditional television medium format to create what is popularly known as “social TV”. It is the only Spanish-language channel that fully integrates both mediums into their programming. The final award winners for the Suncoast Emmy Awards will be announced during the on December 1, 2012 at the Westin Beach Resort & Spa in Ft. Lauderdale.

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