If you missed Ad Age Media Guy Simon Dumenco’s panel on how social networks are fueling a real-time media flood, here are a few surprises from the talk.

Bieber’s clutch on Twitter is scarier than you thought
According to Mr. Dumenco, who moderated a panel about real-time media, Justin Bieber has become the fresh, prepubescent face of Twitter. Citing a potentially dubious stat, he said that pop phenom accounts for 3% of traffic on Twitter at any given time, occupying racks of servers. Josh Auerbach, senior VP at Betaworks, a real-time media incubator, said that according to an analysis by a Betaworks company, 10% of Bieber reply tweets contain the phrase “I love you.”

“Bieber is driving adoption [on Twitter] like nobody could,” Mark Ghuneim, CEO of Wiredset, later said.

Read the entire article at AdAge.com.

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