Fox News LatinoA Peruvian teen rushes home after school, jumps online and is connected with his popular Facebook fan page and his hundreds of fans. Hispanics on Twitter use the “#latism” hashtag, Latinos in Social Media, to watch the conversation about anything and everything Latino. A restaurant specializing in “Nuevo Latino” cuisine uses Foursquare and Facebook check-ins to contribute to the buzz and make it a neighborhood hit.

Forget the digital divide. Latinos impressive adoption of social media and mobile phones is having a real impact on everything from finding a job to running a small business.

“Latinos are displaying what I like to term the technology paradox,” said Louis Pagan, managing partner of social media company Hispanicize and co-founder of Latino focused non-profit LATISM.

“Despite Hispanics being a minority population in the U.S., they are…embracing technology faster than any other group here in the U.S.,” Pagan said. “Because of this, Latinos will have an enormous influence on social media, technology and the brands that do business on the Internet.”

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