Will search and seo go social in 2011?

There was a lot of talk earlier this year of how Twitter and Facebook. Twitter for example added a new feature to make searching for people simpler by creating a new People tab.

Millions of new message go out on Twitter every single day. The Twitter search engine is very impressive and capable tool for yielding results based on Twitter’s live streams. You don’t even need an account. Just go to Twitter’s search page, and type in what you are interested in. To find a more concentrated conversation around a topic, you can use the hashtag (#) along with your term. For instance, #windows7 would yield results of people specifically talking about that topic who are purposely labeling their conversation with that tag to keep track of the conversation themselves.

Budgets for paid searches and using social media for SEO (better positioning your website on search engines, like Google) are going up this year based on a report on emarketer.com.

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