Jason A. Llorenz, Esq. Executive Director, HTTP (Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership)

Entrepreneurs and successful businesses know how important communications and technology are in our current market, but the most vocal are not necessarily the same thing (See Spiral of Silence). During MED Week, three representatives of minority-owned companies provided insight on social media and how it has allowed them to create a different kind of platform for communications and marketing.

The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership’s Executive Director, Jason Llorenz, Esq., may have said it best: “Social media is both sexy and important. Where else can you see Wolf Blitzer right next to Kim Kardashian?” On Twitter you can not only follow celebrities and popular news anchors, but companies and groups that interest you. All of these people will appear next to each other in your Twitter feed.

Read the entire article at GovWin.

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