Every few months, a new meme gathers more attention in the PR and marketing worlds than it deserves. Often borne out of fear or ignorance, it usually takes the form of decrying the latest and greatest forms of technology and digital media in favor of old reliable.

This is the story of how one well-respected marketer has given credence to a new take on an old lament. More specifically, that “cheap social media makes [junior] marketers lazy.”

Some industry leaders, apparently, actually feel this way. According to MarketingWeek, Simon Carter, marketing director of Fujitsu’s U.K. government arm, believes that the perception of some communicators and marketers that social media is “free” — combined with the preference among novice professionals to use only social media — has led to a gross overuse of social media at the expense of vital skills learned from traditional tactics.

Read the entire article at Hispanicize.

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