Go back in time to 1990, and think for a minute about conducting a marketing effort to promote your product or service abroad. What would you be doing? Got the picture?

Now come back to 2010, type a 140-character message in your brand’s Twitter page, and within seconds your message can be all over the globe, depending on how well you did your networking homework. Let’s be realistic, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube are not going to close the sale for you, however, they can create awareness and get the word out about your products or services.In other words, social media is the brand’s voice that reaches your target audiences and leads them to your brand’s hub (website, blog, etc.) where you can have a much longer conversation with your followers around the globe. One area in which social media is getting a lot of buzz lately is B2B, in which it plays a very effective role in generating leads, creating specialized communities, improving SEO, becoming knowledge sources, and overall strengthen the marketing efforts.

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