Looking for a Social Media Expert in 2011? Here’s a collection of tips from Louis Pagan, Hispanicize partner and president of Latino Rebranded

Here is a great post which features great feedback on measuring your social media expert – if there is such a thing.  In some respect, this problem is compounded by those who are hiring – they may think they know what credentials should be displayed by a potential social media candidate.

“When their email address is @gmail, @msn or @yahoo instead of a “real” company address. If you can’t set up branded email, I doubt you can test, measure and optimize social media campaigns.” – Anne Holland, WhichTestWon.com

When the first thing they talk about for Social Media is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.” – Patrick Allmond, AllAboutFocus.com

“When the expert negotiates their consulting fee in free food. If they don’t know how to command proper pay for their services, how are you to expect that they know how to generate actual tangible revenue for you?”– Lori Miller, Twitter.com/PokerVixen

“When you look at their Twitter account and it states they joined Twitter six months ago.” – Karen Rocks, SparkFireMarketing.com

“When they can only talk tools (Facebook, Twitter) and not strategy; when they talk nothing but buzzwords like “engagement, metrics, authenticity” without context.” – Davina Brewer, 3HatsCommunications.com

“When you can’t find anything about them on Google and their site is nothing more than a price sheet splash page.” – Anastasia Hilinsky, HilinskyConsulting.com

“When they talk in %’s instead of real numbers… 200% growth in Fans! (From 4 to 11)” – Kevin Webster, LevelAnalytics.com

“When they neither have an outline, nor a clear plan on how they will promote your business through Social Media” – Geno Prussakov, AMNavigator.com

“When they don’t inventory your current communication channels, know what UGC stands for and have never used PickFu.” – Pat Grady, RhinoFish.com

“If the social media expert insists that you can’t measure the ROI on Social Media, chances are, they don’t know what they’re doing.” – Derek Halpern, SocialTriggers.com

“When you search for the company name on Twitter (or any social media channel) and get no results.” – Sharon Mostyn, SharonMostyn.com

“When you also see them in forums complaining that they can’t get any traffic and are thinking of giving up.” – Malcolm McDonough, PregnantByDesign.com

“When they call themselves a social media expert in the first place.” – Josh Todd, InsideAffiliate.net

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