Some of the biggest social media sites have experienced a continued decline of new user registrations in the past few years.

Facebook for example will see a 13.4% increase in US users according to eMarketer. Previous yearly growth was at 38.6% in 2010, and 90.3% in 2009. Twitter has dropped from 293% in 2009 to 26.3% this year and is expected to remain bearish.

This is all very normal as social media evolves and becomes more mature.

In another study conducted by Gartner asked over 6,000 people between the ages 0f 13 and 74 about their current social media habits and 24% of the respondents stated that they used their favorite social sites less, while 37% stated that they were using favorite social sites more.

Read the entire article at Louis Pagan’s blog, Latino Rebranded.


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