With mobile apps, moms maintain role as “Chief Health Officer”

As smartphone-toting moms become more familiar with their devices and application marketplaces, they are discovering and adopting new apps for both entertainment and utility. According to a study of moms who own a smartphone conducted by Mom Central Consulting, 51% percent have downloaded more than 16 apps to their smartphones as of March 2011.

Top app categories included social networking, games, entertainment and the weather. Other popular categories were music, news, lifestyle and health and fitness. Noteworthy for healthcare marketers, roughly half of the moms surveyed by Mom Central reported downloading health- and fitness-related apps.

Leading Mobile App Categories Downloaded by US Mom Smartphone Users, March 2011 (% of respondents)

New research from Women at NBCU complements some of Mom Central’s findings. Its April 2011 study, which looked at how women are adopting digital tools, indicated that women not only say they are more comfortable with technology than they were a year ago but they also are more active than men in mobile areas such as gaming and social networking. When breaking down the female demographic into moms vs nonmoms, the NBCU study showed that moms had more medical-related smartphone applications than nonmoms.

A BabyCenter study about how moms use smartphones for health and wellness also showed that moms index higher than the general population in most categories when it comes to smartphone activities, and health was no exception.

One in three moms used her smartphone for health purposes, compared to 22% of the general population. Further, a BabyCenter “Dr. Mom Study” conveyed that nine out of 10 moms who own smartphones used the devices to research health conditions. The majority of them also tracked information related to health and wellness.

Health-Related Activities Conducted via Smartphone According to US Mom Smartphone Owners, March 2011 (% of respondents)

Moms, often referred to in the medical community as a family’s Chief Health Officer, are increasingly using smartphones to manage their family’s health information. The BabyCenter study shows not only do moms want to use smartphones to manage and track health and wellness information, they also would like to use smartphones to track personal health components such as weight, exercise and calorie intake.

These findings indicate that the opportunity for healthcare marketers to reach moms through smartphone devices is ripe. Moms are embracing smartphones for a variety of activities and are using mobile resources such as apps to make their daily lives easier.

SOURCE eMarketer

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