In time for Valentine’s Day, an unprecedented collaboration of leading brands, including The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, P&G, Unilever, Allstate and State Farm, have joined the Ad Council and leading non-profit organizations to launch “Love Has No Labels,” a public service communications effort to promote diversity and inclusion along with acceptance. Brands will kick off the campaign by replacing their social media profile pictures with the “Love Has No Labels” icon and distributing content across their channels. Additionally, new public service advertisements (PSAs) will be filmed in L.A. on February 14that a live installation event and distributed to media outlets nationwide in March. The campaign directs audiences to a new website,, developed with support from eight leading non-profits, including the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The new campaign is designed to encourage people to examine their unconscious biases, or “implicit biases,” in an effort to further understanding and acceptance of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age and ability. According to the Perception Institute, the vast majority of Americans consider themselves to be unprejudiced, yet research has shown that a high percentage of these same people hold negative associations against those whom appear different than themselves.

“Implicit bias refers to the way people unconsciously and sometimes unwillingly exhibit bias towards other individuals and groups,” said Rachel Godsil, Co-founder and Director of Research of the Perception Institute. “It doesn’t mean that people are hiding their racial prejudices, instead, people who actively reject prejudice may still unknowingly carry around some degree of bias or stereotypes about others. The good news is that once we are aware of our biases, we can begin to take action to reduce the effects they can have on our behavior and ultimately, to reduce the biases themselves.”

“Our nation is making great progress in promoting equality and reducing acts of discrimination, but there is still much to do. As long as people continue to endure harassment; as long as they do not or cannot feel safe being themselves in our schools, our workplaces and our communities, our work is incomplete,” said Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council. “We are proud to partner with these iconic brands in asking all Americans to think about their own beliefs and perceptions and to shine a brighter spotlight on the need for greater acceptance and equality in our country.”

In addition to funding the year-long campaign, leading brand partner companies will show their support throughout the year. Each partner company was identified based on their demonstrated commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within and beyond their organizations. To learn more about how the partners are addressing these issues, visit

The integrated campaign, created pro bono by R/GA, will include television, print and digital PSAs, as well as an extensive social media program. The campaign website features a quiz where visitors can examine their own biases and find resources on how to overcome those biases. The PSAs also direct audiences to new social communities on Facebook and Twitter for additional content supported by the non-profit partners. The campaign taps into the expertise of eight leading non-profit organizations in each of the discriminated classes. Partnering non-profit organizations include: Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, National Women’s Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, American Association of People with Disabilities, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Muslim Advocates and AARP. The campaign website will connect visitors to the partnering non-profits where they can sign pledges, report bullying incidents and participate in other activities.

“It’s been a privilege to work with the Ad Council and some of the world biggest brands to bring this initiative to life,” said Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer, R/GA. “Our hope is that we’ve created work that people will want to share, since it’s a message that we all need to hear.”

To show support through their own social channels, audiences can replace their profile picture with the “Love Has No Labels” logo and use the hashtag #LoveHasNoLabels. Campaign outreach will include an emphasis on key times of year such as Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month.

“Awareness is the first step in helping to challenge prejudice and prevent the escalation to hate,” said Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL National Chair. “As an organization charged with fighting anti-Semitism and bias and bigotry of all kinds, we are pleased to work with the Ad Council, sponsorship partners, and others to raise awareness about the harm of unconscious bias.”

“This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we’ve made great progress in ensuring equal opportunity and access to millions of Americans with disabilities. Despite best intentions, the unconscious judgments we hold towards people with disabilities still play out with serious consequences – employment disparities is just one example,” said Mark Perriello, President and CEO of AAPD. “That’s why we’re joining the Ad Council in asking Americans to examine and challenge their own implicit biases as first steps towards greater acceptance for all.”

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