Aligning with Michelle Obama’s Healthy Eating initiative, a grassroots effort by middle school teachers has evolved to an innovative pilot program integrating standards-based curriculum and activity-based participation to encourage healthy eating within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The pilot program, a collaboration between Simply Fresh Fruit and the Latino Green Project, is being tested at Walnut Park Middle School STEM Academy, where the program integrates community involvement, science projects and healthy eating curriculum to battle the escalating epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure and other ailments that affect the Latino and African American communities within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The “Eat Right, Be Bright” program incorporates innovative education components that align with nationally established initiatives to improve awareness on healthy eating and augments classroom opportunities with the introduction of environmental-based studies to increase awareness of environmental concepts within the school’s geography.

According to Bill Sander, President of Simply Fresh Fruit, participating in this groundbreaking program is a natural collaboration for the company.

“We fully support a program designed to help young students learn the values of healthy eating habits and sustainability. Applying academic subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to everyday concepts will contribute to students’ academic success, as well as give them options for furthering their education and expanding their career goals,” said Sander.

The Latino Green Project, who is partnering with Simply Fresh Fruit, promotes community-based sustainability projects, college readiness and green economy career development.

According to Rob Harris of the Latino Green Project, programs like this are more important than ever because of decreased funding for school programs and education. The “Eat Right, Be Bright” program provides unique opportunities to engage students in environmentalism and technology while benefiting their communities and their health.

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