Following, in order from bottom to top, are Tweet notes from LatinVision’s New York convergence conference.  We would have brought you more notes but had some connectivity issues in the main room where the presentations took place.

  1. Puente: Upcoming ‘Latino in America’ is not going to air as a one-time thing; we have management committed to doing more than Hisp. specials9:00 AM Oct 14th from web
  2. Puente: You will see CNN dramatically increase its coverage of Latinos and Latino issues8:58 AM Oct 14th from web
  3. David Puente of CNN: ‘Latino in America’ is part of restructure to bring more content from CNN en Espnl to mainstream CNN8:57 AM Oct 14th from web
  4. Ballas-Traynor: until our celebrities are allowed to speak Spanish in traditional media we will always have that content divide8:51 AM Oct 14th from web
  5. Luica Ballas-Traynor, publisher of People en Espanol: For the first time CNN is actually reflecting me as a Latina with content/coverage8:50 AM Oct 14th from web
  6. Rafael Urbina, CEO of Batanga: Multicultural marketing tends to be too broad; demographic targeting more effective8:43 AM Oct 14th from web
  7. Business Wire’s Cathy Baron Tamraz says online publishers need to strive for monetizing their content instead of liberally giving it away8:34 AM Oct 14th from web

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