Proprietary research unveils key insights on how first-time moms think, feel and change as shoppers

Every day, 4,400 women in the United States discover that they’re going to become a mom for the first time. As a woman nears motherhood and becomes a mom, her approach to shopping changes significantly. She spends more time planning before she buys, and places more importance on safety, durability and brand reputation.

These are just a few insights found by top-ranking, integrated marketing communications agency Eric Mower and Associates. Conducted on behalf of EMA’s New Moms Group, Harris Interactive administered a national online study of 1,116 moms, ages 18 to 45 years. Participants included New Moms (first-time moms with one child, age two or younger) and Experienced Moms (moms with multiple children and/or a child older than two). Research unveiled how women think, feel and change as shoppers once they become first-time moms.

Results of the survey also included:

  • New Moms in particular said they have less time (30 percent New Moms vs. 20 percent Experienced Moms) and need to be more efficient while shopping.
  • New Moms spend a great deal of time researching cars (55.7 percent), baby gear (38.4 percent), electronics (35.8 percent), appliances (31.4 percent) and furniture (19.0 percent).
  • Thirty-five (35) percent of New Moms use their smart phones while shopping, primarily to seek someone’s opinion, or access product and price comparisons.

Based on the consumer insights found in the survey, EMA’s New Moms group lent their expertise to brand representatives from major product and service categories at the 7th annual M2Moms® –The Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago, IL. While there, the team held a workshop titled, “Talk Human: Building Affection, Relevance and Trust with New Moms.”

EMA’s New Moms team includes experts in Insight + Analytics, Shopper Marketing, Creative Ideation, Design + Branding, Public Relations, Social Media and Planning. Its client roster includes respected brands like Dixie, Fisher-Price, Primrose Schools and more.

“Our team has uncovered how motherhood shapes a woman’s opinions and behaviors toward shopping, saving money, brand and product selection, media use, health, fashion and more,” said EMA Partner and member of the New Moms group Virginia Bates. “For brand marketers, this represents a once-in-her-lifetime opportunity to build a customer relationship that will grow from the time her baby is born until he or she walks across the stage at graduation.”

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