WASHINGTON, DC – A number of Hispanic organizations have united to address major problems with the health care legislation passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and urge the Senate to come up with a bipartisan solution for real healthcare reform.  They are especially concerned the health care legislation will create a greater tax burden and unfair government mandates on Hispanic small businesses and families. During this critical health care debate, these organizations want their voices to be heard and believe that the current approach will lead to loss of jobs and reduced wages for Hispanic workers.

In addition, these Hispanic groups believe that seniors will be greatly affected by Medicare cuts, patients will have fewer choices and families will be subject to costly and inefficient government mandates.  As opposed to one-size-fits-all, government-run programs, these Hispanic organizations seek market solutions, including allowing businesses and individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines, which would make it easier and less costly for small businesses to provide employees with coverage.

“The House vote illustrated Congress’ refusal to come up with a bi-partisan solution on real healthcare reform,” stated Hector Barreto, Chairman of The Latino Coalition,  “As we look forward, we urge the Senate to work together to provide healthcare reform that does not destroy the entrepreneurial spirit of our country.  We will not support a bill that creates an inefficient and ineffective government-run healthcare system for America.”

These organizations represent thousands of Hispanic small businesses and individuals across the country.

Those who have signed the letter include:
– Hialeah Chamber of Commerce
– Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute
– Hispanic Leadership Fund
– Hispanic Professional Women Association
– Pacientes Primero (Patients First)
– The Latino Coalition
– U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce
– Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
– Voces (Voices) Action

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