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Andy Checo

September 15th marks the beginning of the monthlong celebration that is Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a space that is overcrowded with brands and organizations alike fighting for limited earn media space.  The following tips will put you in a better path for success in gathering coverage. They will help you better understand how to pitch and approach Hispanic print media.

  1. Provide with ready-to-publish content: Many Hispanic media outlets are understaffed and reporters do not have the time to craft their own stories, unless it is hard news you are providing, your content will get passed on if it is not put together into a simple story with images for the readers.
  2. Pitch on Mondays or Tuesdays: Most Hispanic print publications are weeklies, which close on Wednesdays and are published on Fridays. If you pitch on Thursday or Fridays it may not be top of mind on Monday, when they are looking for content to fill in space.
  3. Developed a physical media kit: While many editors will still ask to get the information via email, a creative physical media kit is still a great way to pique interest. It is important that your kit be creative and go beyond a folder with media materials.
  4. Know who you are contacting: In most publications the decisions are made by the editor (who should be your main contact), however, in the larger dailies it is important to know your reporters, what are their interests and do they cover your topic.
  5. Be brief, to the point and show respect for the journalist time: When calling, your first question should be “Do you have a minute?” if they say yes, continue on with your pitch, if not, ask, “When would it be a good time?” and call back.
  6. It’s all about community: If your story is one that provides value to the community, relevant in topic and/or has a celebrity component, you are in a good place. You need to find the angle where community comes first and your brand/organization is secondary. If you do this, you have a greater chance to get a reporter’s attention and ensure that your included in the story.
  7. Build relationships: By now you should have, but it is never too late. Don’t just contact reporters when you need something publish. Invite them to industry events (just because), call them to see what they are working on and whether you can offer up some resources, if you are connected to them via social media, make sure to say “happy birthday!” or “congratulations on you promotion!”

Also remember that it all comes down to 1) the substance of your story, 2) how it relates to their readers/community and 3) the relationship you have developed with the journalist. Good luck and Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Andy Checo is the moderator of #hprchat, author of the blog and an account manager, public relations at The Vidal Partnership.

One thought on “Seven Tips for Getting Results with Your Hispanic Heritage Month Pitches”
  1. Surprised that any brand, or PR agency has not taking advantage of the Hispanic Heritage Month, that could be a great way to plan an event with latina bloggers. What about the Bicentenario de Mexico? Mission Food or Cacique or Jose Cuervo could have organized an event with mexican bloggers or cultura bloggers.
    Multicultural agencies should do something before Oct. 15.

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