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With just under two weeks left to the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference (May 10-12 in Dallas), I think it’s a good time to say to public relations pros from the agency and consultancy worlds that even though our national conference  has been heavily tailored to corporations, government agencies and non profits, we also want you to come.  In fact, if you in the sector of Hispanic public relations and/or social media as an agency or consultant, you have to consider this a MUST ATTEND event.  

Here’s five big reasons why:

1. Attending not only makes you a part of history-making but demonstrates you are a player in the industry of Hispanic PR and social media.  Unless you have a valid reason (and there are several) for not coming, you can’t afford to miss the only conference organized and supported by the Hispanic Public Relations Association and the Public Relations Society of America.

2. It’s a great chance to get a strong, personal sense of the current opportunities in Hispanic PR and social media.  Every marketing event conveys a certain sense of a marketplace that you can’t get unless you attend a conference like this.  Attending will give a sense of strategic, invaluable sense of what you should and shouldn’t be doing in Hispanic PR and social media.  

3. Incredible networking opportunities.  If you’re an agency, you will possibly meet one or more contacts that can possibly turn into your next client, employee, subcontractor or even tech provider.  If you’re a PR consultant you will have a world of marketing agencies, companies and non profits to connect with and let them know that you are available.

4. Quality sessions that will help your firm/consultancy improve and stay current with best practices.   The conference’s 24 sessions and nearly 70 speakers mostly feature great case studies and panels that emphasize  practical, actionable insights and advice.  

5. This type of industry-supported, quality, in-depth conference will only take place once yearly.  This is the ONLY Hispanic market conference of its pedigree and scale hyper-focused on the needs of Hispanic public relations and social media marketers.  

If you’re already registered or planning to attend we would love to hear why?  Post your comment.

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