Over the years, to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing technologies, Incisive Media’s SES conference series has shaped and reshaped its programming agenda. But for many watching the organization’s recent foray into the world of Latino digital, a big question has emerged: Why does Latino merit its own event?

For some, creating a separate event and brand for Latinos may feel like a move to compartmentalize the market. I’ve heard this from a number of industry friends. Doesn’t this ghettoize the conversation in marketing about one of the most interesting markets?

I can relate to this and other concerns one might have about the SES Latino brand. But a closer inspection of the Latino digital opportunity shows that compartmentalization is not what’s driving the decision to break out a separate discussion. Throughout the marketing world – from industry conferences to vertically-focused publications – Latino digital is getting a lot of alone time these days because of its unique and surprising status in the digital marketing food chain. Latino digital has surfaced as an outlier market. Not a ghetto; not by a stretch. More like an affluent neighborhood. Both the size of the opportunity, and the attributes of the ecosystem dictate that Latino digital gets special attention.

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