Sensis, a digital cross-cultural marketing agency, has launched SensisHealth, a specialized health care marketing practice to help providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies improve outcomes for a diverse population of patients and caregivers.

“The health care industry is quickly adapting to disruption created by technology, policy, and changing consumer behavior. Yet most are failing to adapt to rapidly changing demographics and the important role of culture in communicating and delivering health care services,” said Sensis founder and President José Villa. “We are launching SensisHealth to help providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies create cross-cultural advertising, communications and digital experiences that eliminate health disparities and get patients to act.”

Much of today’s marketing strategies, communications, websites, and apps for diverse patients are translations, ignoring cultural relevance and experience with the health care system, literacy levels and other non-clinical factors. These communication gaps with racial and ethnically diverse consumers and patients can cause or compound disparities in care, treatment adherence and compliance, hospital readmissions, infectious disease rates, disease management, insurance enrollment and overall patient experience strategies.

“Our cross-cultural approach and strategy lets the needs of each target population inform the messaging to all,” said Vice President Beatriz Mallory, who leads the new SensisHealth practice. “We start by taking ethnic insights to develop marketing that effectively ‘crosses over’ among ethnic audiences; thereby avoiding ‘after the fact’ adjustments to ‘general market’ work to address cultural nuances. Ultimately, we are part of the process for supporting patient safety, quality care along the care continuum, and impacting population health.”

Mallory’s recent experience includes Interim Vice President Of Marketing for Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, Director of Multicultural Strategy for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and ownership of ad agencies HispanAmérica and HispanAmérica Health.

Mallory is Hispanic and African-American in heritage, multilingual and global in her cultural experience.  She is an activist in bringing health and wellness to diverse communities. She is dedicated to “getting to zero” health disparities throughout the health care system and supporting the best possible outcomes for all patients.

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